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Thafen Pot Coaster
Thafen Pot Coaster
Thafen Pot Coaster

Thafen Pot Coaster

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Consists of: 1 Pot Coaster

Material: Porcelain and Cork

Measurement: L 24cm x W 18cm x Thickness 0.6cm

Volume: 650g

Colour/Pattern: Cream and Blue Floral


Multifunctional kitchenware is a dream come true for every homemaker. Introducing Idaman Suri's coaster which not only serves as a hot pot coaster but it can also be used as a chopping board and wait for it, a decorative item too! These elegantly crafted coasters come in various designs and aesthetically pleasing colours and patterns.

Care Instruction: Pat dry with soft cloth or sponge. Do not soak in water as the cork material may absorb water. Ensure the coaster is completely dry before storing.