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Top Picks!

Non-Stick 4pcs Cookware Set

Idaman Suri's cookware set comes with a non-stick interior coating which uses less or no oil thus, promoting a healthy lifestyle. The handle is heat resistant and is designed for comfort and it is durable and has anti-scratch qualities. This cookware is easy to clean and provides a quick and even heat distribution.


Waffle Blankets

Idaman Suri's classic waffle blanket is made out of soft cotton and is a fantastic addition to your bedding providing timeless comfort and luxury. The cotton fabric is warm yet breathable making it perfect for keeping you comfortable be it rain or shine.


Porcelain Mug Set

Your favourite coffee mugs are now online! Idaman Suri's beautifully decorated mugs have a volume of 400ml and come in a set of four. This porcelain mug set is your perfect hot and cold drink companion, be it at your office or the comfort of your own home. Grab a set for you and your fellow coffee (or tea) lovers!



I've always liked local products. But, the products and the designs from Idaman Suri are just something else.
Their products are both beautiful and exclusive!

Definitely worth the price. 

-Ms. Sheila

Bila kawan saya mesej dan bagitahu Idaman Suri dah boleh beli secara online, oooh teruja saya! Dari dulu memang suka shopping di Idaman Suri dan sekarang dengan kedai online, MAKIN SENANG LAH nak beli produk Idaman Suri LEPAS INI. Suka sangat!

-Madam Zuraidah

Dulu kena travel sampai Langkawi untuk beli cadar dan periuk non-stick yang kualitinya baik dengan harga berbaloi. Sekarang dah online, memang senang. Jika ada masalah pun, staff respon laju dan mesra.

- Ms.Farah