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Uvas Acrylic 7pc Jug Set
Uvas Acrylic 7pc Jug Set
Uvas Acrylic 7pc Jug Set
Uvas Acrylic 7pc Jug Set

Uvas Acrylic 7pc Jug Set

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Consists of: 1 Jug and 6 Cups

Measurement: Jug (H 29cm x Top Diameter 10cm x Bottom Diameter 9.5cm), Cup (H 13cm x Top Diameter 7cm x Bottom Diameter 6cm)

Volume: Jug 2300ml, Cup 350ml

Weight: 1500g

Material: Acrylic

Colour/Pattern: Red

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Idaman Suri's acrylic 7pc jug set consists of one jug and six cups, which is exquisitely cut in various decorative designs. Serve your favourite beverages in this beautiful jug set and brighten up your ordinary days!

Care Instruction: Fill up with warm or cold water only. Do not pour hot water into the jug and cups. Pat dry with soft cloth or sponge. Hard scrubbing can cause scratches on the surface of the acrylic ware.