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Non-Stick Multi Tawa 28cm
Non-Stick Multi Tawa 28cm
Non-Stick Multi Tawa 28cm by Idaman Suri
Top Angle Non-Stick Multi Tawa 28cm by Idaman Suri
Non-Stick Multi Tawa 28cm Handle by Idaman Suri

Non-Stick Multi Tawa 28cm

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Consists of: 1 Multi Tawa

Dimension: L 44cm x Depth 0.5cm

Diameter: 28cm

Colour/Pattern: Grey

Exterior Material: Non-Stick

Interior Material: Non-Stick

Handle Material: Silicon

Weight: 1000 g

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This product is built in heavy gauge aluminum that has 3 layers of non stick coating on the inside and outside. As the name suggests this tawa is built like a rock and this ensures its durability. The handle is a soft touch handle that smoothens the grip on your hand while lifting it. This multi tawa requires minimal oil while cooking, which ensures the health of your family. It is easy to maintain and takes less space in your kitchen. Suitable to be used on an induction stove.

Care Instruction: Cook using low to medium heat only. Do not leave an empty cookware on a hot burner or allow it to boil dry. Do not keep liquid or food which contains salt in the cookware for a long while. Use wooden or plastic utensils only. After cooking place the pan on heat-resistant surface to cool entirely before placing water/washing it. Do not use strong acid or alkaline. Avoid scrubbing the surface with a steel wool pad as scratching may occur. Wipeout with a sponge or a soft cloth using neutral detergents and dry immediately after rinsing with hot water.