Black Non-Stick Frypan 28cm
Black Non-Stick Frypan 28cm
Black Non-Stick Frypan 28cm
Black Non-Stick Frypan 28cm
Black Non-Stick Frypan 28cm

Black Non-Stick Frypan 28cm

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Consists of: 1 Frypan

Dimension: L 47cm x Depth 5cm

Diameter: 28cm

Colour/Pattern: Black

Exterior Material: Aluminium

Interior Material: Non-Stick

Handle Material: Non-Slip

Weight: 600g

Care Instruction: Please wash with soapy water and dry completely before first use. For best results, apply a thin layer of oil on the surface and heat the cookware. Suitable to be used on low to medium heat. Do not leave empty cookware on a hot burner or allow it to boil dry. Do not keep liquid or food which contains salt in the cookware for a long while. Use wooden or plastic utensils only. After cooking, place the pan on a heat-resistant surface to cool. Avoid scrubbing the surface with a steel wool pad. Do not use strong acid or alkaline. Wipe with a sponge or a soft cloth using a mild detergent. If the cookware develops a white film residue due to minerals in the water, it can be removed by rubbing the surface with a little lemon and vinegar.


Idaman Suri's fry pan comes with a non-stick interior coating which uses less or no oil thus, promoting a healthy lifestyle. The phenolic handle is heat resistant and is designed for comfort and hanging convenience. This frypan is easy to clean and provides a quick and even heat distribution. It's true. Cooking has never been this easy!